Thursday, March 22, 2012

Getting personal

I'm not a writer. Nor am I a very good one. Given this information, please excuse my random post rant.

Recently I've been on the verge of giving up. Giving up finding a job (among many other things). Yes, I still do interviews but I'm really thinking my skills need some brushing up. Not sure how to go about doing that, but at any rate they could use some dusting off. I have always had a job, since I was 14 years old cashiering for Joe O'Malia's Supermarket.

Good ol' Joe's. Great local grocery chain and such a fun time in my life.

Now it's vital to our family, our survival and for the sake of our savings account that I find a job. And soon.

As some of you know, I left a well-paying job in July of 2010; just before Cam was conceived. Mistake number one? Leaving the job. Letting the stress get to me. I used to be very sensitive to stress and things going on around me.

I'm a changed person now. Camden, he has changed my every thought. He has made me a better person. (Not to mention I cuss less. Hey, you gotta start somewhere.)

Because of that beautiful, sweet, innocent little baby of mine, I've chosen to do what is necessary. If that means going back to work after we thought I could be a stay-at-home-mom, then that's what it means. I'll do anything for that kid! Now people say that all the time, but I would give him all of my organs if it would save his life.

As I cry thinking of something so horrific..

It pains me to see us struggling. It pains me to feel this way. I just want to be free from all hate, all evil, and all negativity. Unfortunately there's no such place (on Earth anyways) that exists. Trust me when I say that if it did, I'd be in the car on my way right.this.moment.

Sometimes I feel like just running away from everything. Selling our house, furniture and everything we own and just moving my family to the Caribbean or some exotic place where we could be around sunshine, positivity, and less civilization (and not to mention, a beach for crying out loud). Although nice in theory and somewhat doable, I know I'd miss this place. This is my home and I've called it that for 28 (seemingly long) years.

Well folks, I've found a new sense of being and who I am recently. I feel like this is the start of something wonderful and we'll see where it leads me. I apologize if this was random, confusing or whatever it was but I had to get some thoughts off of my chest. Not too many people to talk to since Cam takes up 210% of my time. :) In a good way.

Monday, March 19, 2012

First trip to the park

We have been extremely busy lately (you will find out why here in a few days) but have been making time to take Camden for walks with the nice weather. A week or so ago we wanted to see how he did at the playground and as luck would have it, there was nobody else there when we went so we had the place to ourselves!

We decided to take Cam in his new wagon that Grandma Laura (my mom) gave him for Christmas. He loved the wagon ride and we might even take him to the zoo with it, since it has a canopy for shade and the seats lay flat so we could lay him down to sleep in it.

Well he absolutely loved the park!

Daddy loved pushing him on the swings and as you can see, he loved it, too! I'd like to think I'm getting a little better at taking pictures since having my first photography workshop back in February.

This was Cam's first trip down the slide. He wasn't quite sure what to think but as long as he was on our laps getting ma-ma and da-da hugs, he didn't really care that much.

These two just melt my heart! Since the weather has been cooperative, we have been walking every day either before or after dinner and also have been spending more time outside (grilling!) This has also been a positive motivator for me to get exercising again and continue losing some of this baby weight.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Call me Bargain Betsy

Lately I've become more of a bargain-hunter. The longer it takes me to find a job, the more desperate I get; and closer to dumpster-diving mode. 0:)

I found a few consignment sales in my local area so I went. I shopped. I over-spent. Mostly I'm writing this post to help justify my purchases, although in hindsight I know I didn't need to buy all those toys. But then again the grandparents would be sorely disappointed if I dropped Cam off toy-less.

Here are a few of my amazing finds:

Two metal, heavy-duty baby gates for $25/each.

Several pairs of shoes, sandals, crocs (the baby crocs are SO CUTE) for only $2-4/pair.

An infant swing for a play set (purchased for a friend) that I'd bet money was unused for $5.

 A Combi umbrella stroller for $20. This was a little more pricey than I wanted, but I am sick and tired of my monstrous Chicco "regular" stroller that came with the car seat.

Several toys for only $1-2/each.

Several books at $1/each.

Lots of clothes ranging from $1-4/each piece.

.. drum roll please .. this is my best deal of the year ..

A mini play cube for only $16 (in mint condition I might add)!!

It's late and Camden hasn't been sleeping through the night consistently anymore so it's off to bed for me! I hope you enjoyed my bargain-hunting as much as I did! It's a lot more stressful in person and there were a few snags today with the staff at the second consignment sale, but it's over and I got what I wanted. And then more. And more.

Bargain disclosure: I have been selling some unwanted and extra furniture/items on craigslist lately so this is where the money came from to purchase these items. Trust me when I say that we don't have the money for me to be shopping like this year-round. :) Too bad we don't though .. it sure was fun!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sneak Peek

.. a sign of things to come ..

Friday, March 9, 2012

8 months

At the beginning of this month (or end of last?), Camden turned 8 months! He is so active and loves to crawl around. His favorite thing to do is race you, crawling on the floor. He giggles so much if you do! He also, unfortunately, is teething something horrible. He has been really fussy and cranky (almost non-stop crying screaming) the past week or so, but his second top tooth FINALLY broke the surface.

Here's to hoping he sleeps through tonight ...

Nursing is becoming less and less desirable with each new tooth that he gets. He bites more; thankfully no skin broken yet. I will miss these days when they are over, but I'm certainly not going to miss other aspects.

Someone please hand me a baseball bat while I take out my frustrations on my Medela.

Related note: I'm typing this while pumping since it's my only time these days to myself. 0:)

Cam is almost 19 pounds, as of a few days ago, and we haven't checked his length. He has a 9-month check up at the end of March so we will see what he is then. I have switched his infant car seat out for a convertible car seat. We will see how he does tomorrow as he's not tried it out yet.

Other big news to come soon!!! :D