Saturday, December 14, 2013

Camen @ 2 1/2 years

Just a few more weeks and my baby will be 2 1/2 years old. I wanted to document some of his fun quirks and hobbies so I can remember down the road.

A while back The Incredible's was Camden's favorite movie and I'm sure I could recite every scene without hesitation. Here lately he's been into Despicable Me and requests it every single day. I can't wait to get him the second movie soon!

He's also very much into pretending and being very active. He is so sweet with his manners and being helpful (most of the time). He always says please and thank you (or "thanks" now, for some reason). He says, "excuse me" if you are in his way. He knows his first and last name. Miss Katie and Miss Jenn are his teachers and they are always saying how happy and cooperative he is. He always knows every animal, shape, color, letter, number, etc. When they are singing a song he knows, they say he will bust out in a solo all the time. Amazing kiddo!

He's a garbage-disposal/sponge. He eats everything on his plate and then asks for more. He eats more than I do on some days! Snacks are a must-have around here. He also is a little sponge; more so than I thought. True life confession: I was changing his diaper the other day and he kept running around the house yelling, "I have diarrhea!!!" What I didn't realize was that I'd said that while changing him. Good thing I didn't say something worse. Also a good thing we were home for the rest of the night. HA!

At home he loves to play with trains, Matchbox cars, watch movies, pretend cook for us (or really pretend anything). He has transitioned to the big boy toddler bed although one day while I was working, Brad apparently didn't wake up as soon as Cam would've liked. He played "finger paint" on the carpet with some diaper contents we won't talk about.

Must be payback for when I did it to my mom.

 He absolutely loves going to school. And grandma's house. He is so sociable! At school he apparently greets everyone in his class by name in the morning. He always has the "Ate everything" column checked off for all meals and snacks. Naps are usually 80-90% there, but some days he doesn't want to nap. This is the ripe age for discontinuing naps unfortunately. 

I need that mid-day break.

He loves to sing songs. Just the other day he sang Jingle Bells to me almost perfectly. :) He's also really getting into the Christmas movies, lights, decorations, and other songs right now. I think this will be the most fun year for opening presents with him yet!

Unfortunately he has started to hate having his picture being taken. (It couldn't possibly be from me constantly taking them.) If he sees the iPhone pointed at him, he waves his hands and says, "No, no picture!" Celebs. Pfft.

The potty training we are letting him do on his own. I want him to tell me when he's ready (to a certain point). It is going to make it easier on both of us and we really don't have the time to dedicate to it .. if I'm being honest. At school they said he goes once in a while but always tries to sit for a little bit. If we catch him right after waking up from night time or nap, we will ask him if he has to go and he usually says yes and has success going. He holds his bladder most of the night/nap so we can tell if he's got to go because his diaper is dry. Right as he's getting tucked into bed he says over and over that he has to go potty (because he knows it'll delay bed time) so we have started asking him while getting ready if he has to go.

Camden used to be a momma's boy and is quickly preferring Brad over myself. (*moment to mourn*) It's so bittersweet to see them together, bonding, yet sad because he wants his daddy to read to him at night and rock with him. He will let me, but only if Brad isn't around. I think Brad secretly loves this phase because it's making up for the first year when Cam preferred me (especially for nutritional needs .. lol). I keep telling myself it's from my lack of presence because of work and school. It's temporary. Just a little while longer.

He constantly tells us what he thinks. If something is fun, sad, funny, or happy he will tell us. If he is happy or silly, he tells us. If we make funny noises or do something odd he will tell us, "You're silly!" Also, everything is Camden's. In the entire world. Driving down the street the conversation from the back seat is, "That's my store. That's my truck. That's my school. That's my gym." Sometimes he'll say it's "Camden's" also. He is getting better at sharing, but rarely his food.


Even if it's something he knows he likes or wants, if we give him something (say, a cookie) and ask him to give it to mommy or daddy, he will do so. Of course, then he will ask for one. ;-) He is constantly hungry (something I'm definitely bringing up to the pediatrician next visit/call).

Sometimes he does hug our dog, Cato, and tries to play with him. Cato is just so nonchalant and lazy that he doesn't do much so Cam just ignores him most of the time.

That's about it for updates on the little man. He's always on the move and wanting to play and interact with us, which is so much fun (and exhausting sometimes).