Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

Every year I always want to go to Spencers Farm and pick strawberries. I usually never get around to it because the season goes by quickly. This year I was determined to go because I wanted Camden to be able to experience it. We had so much fun, as you can see, and we got a ton of strawberries (that quickly were eaten).

Camden kept eating the strawberries we put in the bucket, but somehow we managed to distract him and pick enough to weigh.

I love this picture (above) of him picking his own strawberry! He knew exactly what to do and we all had a great time! I'll also be going back this week for more since we are out and I want more to freeze, too. Plus I have more recipes to try and no more strawberries. 0:)

The main difference (if they're even comparable) between fresh-off-the-farm strawberries and the store-bought kind is the taste. The fresher they are, the juicier, sweeter, softer, and smaller. Trust me, though, we got some huge ones off the vines, but the baseball-sized strawberries where you get 5 in a tin at the grocery isn't what I think of when I think fresh; or delicious for that matter.  If you've never been picking, I highly recommend it!! It's fun for the entire family and the best part is, they encourage tasting them. Although, I'm surprised they didn't want to weigh Camden before and after. ;)

Here were our pickings! We weighed about 7 1/2 pounds and it was only $14.00!!! I can't wait to go back this week!

How is everyone else spending their summer?

Monday, May 7, 2012

Updates and fun things

I'm protesting the new blogger, but I know you all need an update on what's been going on with Camden so I'll bite my tongue and write this. ;)

We have enrolled him in infant swimming lessons at the Natatorium. They last the entire month of May and he has a blast!

At first, I thought it was going to be very unorganized and just be us in the water with him, letting him splash around. So far in only two lessons, we have dunked him, put him on his tummy, put him on his back, he's jumped from the side of the pool, and used a noodle! This week we are teaching him to float on his own. I'm SO nervous but I know he will do great since he is a little fish already!

We also have been visiting grandparents a lot and I have been practicing more with my camera. If only I were brave enough to venture out on my own and take more classes and do this for a living. (I wish..)

Here are Cam and I with his new life jacket grandpa got him for the lake! It was so heavy and awkward, he couldn't even sit up with it on. Haha. I know he will love the lake though (once the water is up and we can go enjoy it).

I am also very invested in planning his first birthday party. I have so many ideas and it's sometimes hard to put them all together, but we have a few things planned out already! The menu, for the most part, is planned so I just need to get some recipes together. The cake I'm still on the fence about. Cupcakes for guests or a big cake? I'm thinking a big cake for Cam and cupcakes for guests. Less clean-up and I can tend to Cam the entire time without stopping to cut it, serve it, etc. I can't believe he's closing in on 1 year!!! Hard to believe my baby is growing up.