Thursday, May 2, 2013

Update on pretty much everything

Camden has been a fantastic little man. He is growing so quickly and learning new things every day. He explores SO much and at times can be a handful, but we couldn't imagine our lives without him. Here are a few things to give you a glimpse into our live with big-man Cam:

* He is more into watching movies than TV now. His favorites are The Incredible's ("Incre-bras"), Monsters, Nemo, and Lion King. He asks for them by name over and over until we put one in. We usually do movies 1-2 days a week or whenever Brad and I need to study and get something done. It's a great distraction. ;)

* He still knows and recognizes all his letters and can tell you what letter comes after each one (out of order as well). He can count to 15. He knows a decent amount of shapes (oval, rectangle, square, heart, diamond, circle, triangle, cross...). He is a genius in the works, I tell ya.

* He absolutely loves to be outside. ALL.THE.TIME. When we go inside around 8pm for bath, he cries so much it hurts to see him sad, but we know he's so tired. He has started to help us with the lawn and gardening and his favorite part is throwing grass seed and using the "shobel" (shovel).

* He loves saying hi and bye-bye to everyone and everything. He doesn't like to give high-fives as much as he likes to fist-bump or as he likes to call it, "knockers" (knuckles).

* He has a BFF named Carter at school and we found out his parents live in the same area as us just a few neighborhoods away (walking distance). YAY!

* When you ask him for a kiss you get a nice, wet, sloppy kiss smack dab on the mouth. It's quick so watch out.

* His tubes look great according to his ENT doctor and he has only had one ear infection since getting them last October. *knock on wood*

* He is often times telling you what he wants and doesn't want. He will ask for a certain food or drink now and if you offer him something he doesn't want, he'll say no. 

* Speaking of food, we've tried slowly reintroducing strawberries into his diet to recheck his allergy. It was blueberries that he had a mild allergic reaction to, so I'll wait a little longer on those. So far so good on the strawberries!

* He's a mama's boy. When I'm in the house or in the room, he asks for me. If I'm at clinical or work and he knows only Brad is home he's totally fine though. He also loves spending the night at grandma's house and does really well; I just always forget little details like he sleeps with a night light, etc. 

As for school and work, Brad is taking two exams to finish his Actuarial studies (less a project he's still working on). I am finishing my first semester of clinical and nursing school. It's been a crazy and emotional first round, but I know it's worth it. I got a PRN job at the hospital where we have clinicals at and absolutely love it there! I get to see trauma's, orthopedic and spine patients, etc. I got to see leech therapy this week on a lacerated and reattached finger. 

Overall we are doing great, but busy and overwhelmed a bit. Things should calm down over the summer when my school load lightens up a little, Brad has more exams done, and we get to actually see each other.. hopefully. ;-)