Thursday, October 10, 2013

Fam updates

Summer has officially come to an end. 

It ended on a difficult note. Brad ended up in the ER one day for what turned out to be a 2-foot-long blood clot. Yes, you read that right. I freaked out and the ER doc put him on a strong anticoagulant medicine. He unfortunately wasn't allowed to finish out his baseball season; his last baseball season (so he says). 

And they won the championship...

After a few weeks I finally convinced him to see a vein specialist. He told Brad that the ER doc was overreacting and that it's not a big deal. (NOT A BIG DEAL?) He has to wear compression stockings ..

(moment to laugh at that, since I work in Orthopedics)

.. for about 6 weeks and then can have surgery on the affected vein. Between Camden's broken leg, ENT appointments, my gall bladder surgery, and this, we've definitely met our deductible so I'm glad it's being taken care of this year at least.

As for school, I'm finishing up a rough and busy semester on Friday. One. More. Final. Then I am going to do nothing but relax and enjoy the fall weather and my family this weekend. My next courses do not open up until Monday so I can't even print things or see what the next 8 weeks look like so I don't want to know. ;-)

I'm excited to go from two clinicals a week to one, but I am also starting part-time at work (mainly for benefits) so I will be even more busy than before. I wanted to get used to working more as well as get the benefits my hospital provides since they are way better and affordable than my husband's. If we do the premium plans for all (medical, dental, and vision) plans with my company, it's less than the cheapest and highest deductible plan with Brad's. I consider that a HUGE advantage!

Also, I found a GREAT baked french toast recipe that is easy, quick, and uses regular sandwich bread! YEAH!