About the Authors

Brad was born and raised in Jeffersonville, Indiana. He attended Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for Mathematics and Economics. Kelly tells him he's a genius all the time (mostly because he can answer the Jeapordy questions). He is the proud father of their son who was born June 30, 2011. He works the 9-5er and is always doing something around the house. He can usually be found doing lawn care for one thing or another, which comes with the territory of buying a home.


Kelly was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana. She attended a few universities until she ended up at IUPUI finishing her Exercise Science degree. She loves to do yard work, clean (yes it's true), and spend time with Brad and their son, Camden. Home improvements have been high on the to-do list for a while and she is always tackling something, whether it's painting, weeding or just organizing. She was a health coach but now is going back to school for a second degree in nursing (BSN). Having Camden does make it really hard to go back to school although it'll be so rewarding in the end.