Thursday, August 29, 2013

Indiana State Fair

The Indiana State Fair has long been an annual must-do activity for my family. Brad, Camden, and I went this year and it was fun!
Side note: I wish the Fishers Train had a better schedule with closer times as we barely made one lap around the fairgrounds and had to run to catch the train (or stay another 2 hours when it was Cam's bed time).
We will most likely drive next year to avoid that and be able to come and go whenever we want. This was the year of Popcorn, which was a little disappointing that I didn't see more popcorn-themed food or displays. I couldn't find the giant ball of popcorn everyone posted pictures of and I only saw two popcorn stands. The Kettle Corn was still pretty amazing!
What I enjoyed most was the fact that Cam was so into everything and could even ride the kiddie rides! He loved the giant slide and the rides so much I can't wait to take him to an amusement park.
We haven't had much time to do any kind of vacation so this was a nice break from studying and work to be able to enjoy some time together. It was a perfect day (and $2 Tuesday) so we really enjoyed the weather! 
Brad and Cam waiting to board the train!
Camden was pretty excited to ride the choo choo train, as you can clearly see.
Riding the fair Shetlands!
Picking up some seeds in the kids area.
Enjoying his hot dog and fries. :)
He LOVED this slide! LOVED!
The yearly DNR photo. Man, he's getting too big! ;)
Saying bye-bye to the train.
All in all we had a good time and it was pretty inexpensive since it was $2 Tuesday. $2 entry and $2 food. Win-win.