Friday, December 30, 2011

Half of a Year

Our sweet baby boy is half of a year, 6 months, today! Where the heck did the time go!?!?

He has hit so many milestones and been the best child anyone could have asked for! I can't believe Brad and I made such a beautiful, healthy and smart baby boy! I'm already so proud of him! He can sit up on his own now and topples over once in a while. He also got his first tooth yesterday! BIG BOY!

We also had his 6-month well baby visit today and he weighed 15lbs 15oz. His height is 27in and he is perfectly healthy! <3

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas recap

QUICK Christmas recap:

Camden is scared of Santa...

Camden and daddy put up the star on the tree...

Camden and mommy hung their ornaments...

Our family picture for 2011 Christmas at my dad's house...

Camden and mommy opening presents at grandpa and grandma's house...

Our first Christmas tree together...

Opening his gifts (mostly books) from Santa...

But there were some toys in there he really loved...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family! Tis the season! Our entire family has been so generous and loving and supportive this year and holiday season. I can't say enough thanks to everyone for being so great! We cannot wait to see what the new year brings!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

What's goin' on

In the past few months I've made so many wonderful mom-friends (and even some friends that don't yet have children). I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful people to turn to when I need to vent, have a question or just need to get out of the house. We're not quite close enough to tell my deepest, darkest secrets to (I'm sure I have some). Either way, I'm so excited to watch Camden grow up with plenty of friends to play with and it's just great to know that other parents understand the incomparable challenges of raising another human being .. and doing our best to not screw them up.

I constantly feel like raising a child is an extreme roller coaster ride. There will be good days and bad days, and I understand that. The most frustrating part, however, is that he cannot communicate anything with me at this point. It's gotten so much easier to entertain him now that he sits up much easier and loves his exersaucer, but with that comes new challenges. I'm just grateful for the good days. Here lately he's been nothing short of a sweet angel, yet I know he's teething (we had some horrible days last week). Either way.. look at that face..

How could you stay mad at that face!? I know that's why God makes babies so cute; so we don't give up. ;)

Did you happen to notice he is sitting on his OWN!? YEAH! BIG BOY! He does topple over once in a while but is getting so much better at it all of the sudden.

Besides wanting to eat all the tags off of his stuffed animals, he absolutely loves to play with his pacifier. I'm not sure what intrigues him about it, but he always finds it when playing and shoves it in his mouth. Side note: Not that I'm anti-pacifier, but we only use it when he is sleeping or in the car seat. He apparently has other plans. Today he left it in his mouth like this for a few minutes wondering why I couldn't stop laughing.

So here are the cliff notes: Babies are frustrating, cute, but totally worth raising!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Santa Visit

We saw Santa last weekend and told him that we (and Cam) want his two front teeth to come in. :) He was freaked out by all the old women and Santa's Helper who were all in his face and oo-ing at the "baby" in the room. We went to our local fire department since they were doing free pictures (well, for donation) and we could take our own! I can totally understand how a giant bearded stranger in a big hat and bright red suit would be scary.

[And Santa's Helper asked if I was pregnant... with a 5-month-old... ugh]

The scene quickly went from this ..

.. to this ..

.. and then we left. :)

Overall he did well, but he just is at that age where if he is in a place he doesn't recognize or around people he doesn't see every day, he sort of freaks out.

Side note: Young or old, if you don't have kids (or don't remember), please DO NOT run up to a child under the age of two going "OOOO" and "AHHH" because I can guarantee you're going to freak the kid out. Family or not, if you don't see the child daily, then JUST KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. It's nothing against you, but let the baby have his personal space; trust me, he's going to need it.

Man, that felt good to get off my chest, although I'm sure the people that need to be reading this, aren't.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Play Dates

Play Date # 1

Camden and his "girl friend" Brooke had a great play date the night Brad was in Texas for his SOA stuff. They didn't play together too much. Cam didn't want to be on his tummy and Brooke wanted all the toys. Haha. Cam mostly blew raspberries the whole time and Brooke's mommy told me the very next night she was doing it too!! Cam is such a good teacher and Brooke is so smart for picking it up so quickly!

Play Date #2

A friend of mine had her baby almost exactly one month after I did. We used to work together but we have actually grown much closer since having the kiddos. Her sweet angel's name is Caleb and they came up to our support group for a play date (and mommy lunch, although Cam was fussy the entire time). During group they were great and even held hands! Cue the "awwww's."

I'm so proud of my little man for doing much better around children. I think it's because I expose him so much and sometimes he even goes to a home daycare (when I work during the day) where there are lots of older kids who talk to him. He cried one time at group when my friend's older daughter was talking to him. I don't know why, but he just started pouting and turned to reach for me and balled his eyes out. Luckily he doesn't do that much (if at all) anymore! :) So proud!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Happy Holidays

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our (sweet, little) family to yours!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Camden the crawler

Yes, you read the title right. Camden is starting to learn how to crawl. I guess it was bound to happen sooner or later. My little boy is growing up so fast! In the past two days, he's starting to pull his legs up underneath of himself while on his belly. Quickly he has learned how to move towards toys (and inadvertently away, too). He is simply the most amazing kid I could have ever asked for!


He is also getting much better at sitting up for several minutes at a time before tumbling over. His balance and coordination has drastically improved; even from just last week!

He is around 15 pounds right now and I'm expecting him to gain 1-2 ounces a week at most to level off since he just had a big gain. I think all the fortified milk we were supplementing with caused his drastic gain in weight, which in my opinion was unnecessary. I know he needs to gain weight but that was a lot for his age. Oh well. He caught up so now we can get back on track.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

How to make a diaper cake

I received a diaper cake for my baby shower and thought that it was one of the best gifts I could get. You are definitely going to need diapers as a new mom! I had some leftover Huggies Size One's so I decided to make my own diaper cake. I made it differently than mine was made and certainly there are lots of different ways to do it. This seemed like the easiest way to me. It only took 70 diapers and about 20-30 minutes to make the cake itself. Decorating is totally up to you how far you want to go!

Here is what you'll need:

One large cardboard round (about 14" diameter)
70 rubberbands (or less, there's a little trick I'll post)
70 diapers, size one (the size they'll need the most of)
Double-sided tape (or normal tape if you're cheap like me)
1 bottle (champagne, baby shampoo, etc) - optional

How to assemble:

Start by placing the diaper vertical on a flat surface and rolling it from the bottom up in a tight roll.

Next, place a rubberband around the middle holding the diaper in a tight roll. The corners will probably stick out, but this is okay. Do this with all remaining diapers. Note: To use less rubberbands, simply roll half the diapers and leave the rest for future step.

Place the bottle, if using, in the middle of the cardboard round and tape down. It won't be secure so don't worry about that. Then, place a few diapers around the bottle. Secure diapers around the bottle with a rubberband. It's okay if some fall out.

Next, pull the rubberband back and stuff the empty space with diapers. Note: If you want to, you can use the diapers that have no rubberband by simply rolling them tightly and placing on the inside of the layers. The outside diapers (the ones you see) should be bound with a rubberband to make it more secure.

Fill in as many diapers as you'd like to complete the first layer.

The next layers are just as simple. Place a rubberband around the bottle and stuff with the desired amount of diapers. If you want to, you can also do this without the bottle using three dowel rods to secure the cake.

Make as many layers as desired and voila! Diaper cake is complete! For added stability you can use the double-sided tape and tape underneath of the bottom layer to the cardboard circle. Now you can decorate however you'd like!

To do a simple decor, you can add travel size baby shampoo and lotions with the double-sided tape. Another great idea is also to cut a 1" thick ribbon to fit around each layer and use the double-sided tape to secure it to the layers, covering the rubberbands. Some people also add rolled up plain, white onesies in various sizes or even a small stuffed animal. If there is a theme to the shower, I'd stick with that!

5 Months Fly By

Camden turned 5 months a few days ago so I did an amazing photo shoot with him in our loft. We get lots of great sunlight in the mornings up there and I was feeling a bit crafty that day.

Such a sweetie!

He is starting to sit up more on his own so that makes pictures even more cute! I have so many ideas for photo shoots. Sidenote, I have like 10 or more friends with babies so I think I should be taking all this creative energy out on their kids too. Somehow I doubt they'll mind the free pictures. ;)

I have been obsessing with Pinterest lately. If you haven't, JOIN. NOW. GO NOW. I'll wait.

Okay. See what I mean!? Yeah! I got so motivated tonight I took off my oven door and cleaned that sucker like it's never been cleaned before!! So motivated, I tell ya. Well anyways that website has also helped me to understand how to use my dSlr camera and how to get great shots using household items (ah hem, foil and wax paper FTW), especially in bad lighting.

Camden has also been teething something horrible. That's another post for another day.