Tuesday, December 13, 2011

First Santa Visit

We saw Santa last weekend and told him that we (and Cam) want his two front teeth to come in. :) He was freaked out by all the old women and Santa's Helper who were all in his face and oo-ing at the "baby" in the room. We went to our local fire department since they were doing free pictures (well, for donation) and we could take our own! I can totally understand how a giant bearded stranger in a big hat and bright red suit would be scary.

[And Santa's Helper asked if I was pregnant... with a 5-month-old... ugh]

The scene quickly went from this ..

.. to this ..

.. and then we left. :)

Overall he did well, but he just is at that age where if he is in a place he doesn't recognize or around people he doesn't see every day, he sort of freaks out.

Side note: Young or old, if you don't have kids (or don't remember), please DO NOT run up to a child under the age of two going "OOOO" and "AHHH" because I can guarantee you're going to freak the kid out. Family or not, if you don't see the child daily, then JUST KEEP YOUR DISTANCE. It's nothing against you, but let the baby have his personal space; trust me, he's going to need it.

Man, that felt good to get off my chest, although I'm sure the people that need to be reading this, aren't.

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