Monday, April 16, 2012

Walkers, Moving and Easter, oh my!

"I'm sexy and I know it..."

That cutie patootie you see above is 9 1/2 months old! I can hardly believe he is that old already, but it's time to start planning his first birthday party. I cannot wait and have had a Pinterest board for just such a time when I needed to start planning. I already know what the guest cake is going to be and I'm about 80% sure on a theme (nothing too intricate) so from there it should be a breeze. I'm sure I'll stress over it, put my sweat and tears into it, and nobody will notice if something goes awry.
Cam is so close to walking! He will stand up with his walker all by himself (and anything else for that matter) and walk with it across the room until he hits a wall or the couch! I am so incredibly proud of him and am excited and nervous for him to start walking. Luckily we haven't had to put the baby gates up for two main reasons: 1, he doesn't really have a desire to climb the stairs (although he most certainly can), and 2, there is still so much clutter from moving that we have to follow him around wherever he goes anyways.

First Easter together and first holiday at the new house!

I can't wait to have everyone over for his birthday! Brad suggested renting a tent for out back since our house isn't too big and plus it'll be nice and hot at the end of June. I think that's a great idea, but trying to rent a tent on a Saturday in June; I can imagine we're going to have to fight some brides to get it. 0:)

All is well in other areas, mostly. I'll have to set time aside another day to talk about my job situation (or lack-thereof).

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

BIG NEWS: The Jones' are moving!!

After much consideration, Brad and I decided earlier this year to list our current home and see if we could find our "forever" home. Well, as luck would have it, we did both! Our current home sold in 3 weeks and we immediately made an offer an a home we had looked at twice and fell in love with! Although there are some things we will change (both immediately and in the future), we absolutely love the home and the location couldn't be more perfect!

We negotiated the price, had the inspections and negotiated repairs with both our current and new home. We are ready to close in a couple of days on Friday!

Moving with a baby will be hectic, stressful and ridiculous to say the least. In the end, it will be 110% worth it to be happy. We knew the home we currently live in wasn't going to be our forever home. When we moved in, we said, "Let's give it 5 years" and then we'd move. After 2 (seemingly long) years of complaining, updating, and frustrations with the neighbors and location, we knew it was over. It's not a bad area or location, but it was just not a good fit for our family.

Here is a sneek peak at the new home. These are pictures I took during our first showing of the home and also from inspection:

This is the front window in the living room. Love this!

This is a view from the back door out onto the amazing deck (two levels!) and back yard.

This is the view of the kitchen from the family room (entry is to the right and back door, left). Love the built-in fridge!!

And of course this is the gorgeous front of the house! We are finally back on a street instead of a cul-de-sac and we couldn't be more excited! Also, I spotted some pre-teen/teenage girls next door. Can we say BABYSITTER!?!?

So we have some big plans for this beauty. Some longer-term updates would be to paint the green trim on the exterior (seriously, what were they thinking?) and to build a wall, door, closet and make the loft into a 4th bedroom.

Some of the immediate updates we would need to do is replace the garage door opener (loud!), add closet organizers, and paint a few rooms. I wanted Cam's room to be the exact same colors as this home so it's hopefully less of a transition for him. He is my main concern when it comes to moving, especially in one day! I know it'll be hard on all of us, but I think it'll be well worth the fuss in the long run.

Is it sad that I'm already thinking about Halloween and how much FUN it's going to be to go trick-or-treating with him in this neighborhood!