Saturday, December 3, 2011

5 Months Fly By

Camden turned 5 months a few days ago so I did an amazing photo shoot with him in our loft. We get lots of great sunlight in the mornings up there and I was feeling a bit crafty that day.

Such a sweetie!

He is starting to sit up more on his own so that makes pictures even more cute! I have so many ideas for photo shoots. Sidenote, I have like 10 or more friends with babies so I think I should be taking all this creative energy out on their kids too. Somehow I doubt they'll mind the free pictures. ;)

I have been obsessing with Pinterest lately. If you haven't, JOIN. NOW. GO NOW. I'll wait.

Okay. See what I mean!? Yeah! I got so motivated tonight I took off my oven door and cleaned that sucker like it's never been cleaned before!! So motivated, I tell ya. Well anyways that website has also helped me to understand how to use my dSlr camera and how to get great shots using household items (ah hem, foil and wax paper FTW), especially in bad lighting.

Camden has also been teething something horrible. That's another post for another day.

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