Sunday, November 27, 2011

Updates, Thanksgiving, and Camden


Camden has started to sit on his own, but only for a few seconds. He is really great at his front/back balance and not toppling over that way. He's still, however, working on the side to side balance. It's getting better with each day, though. I imagine by Christmas he'll be totally ready to sit up on his own.

I introduced him to our table decoration fake Christmas tree. He loved it and kept reaching for it. And I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for Christmas with this little guy even if he won't remember anything.

And as usual he is always getting better at tummy time. He likes to spin around on the floor and "army crawl" on his knees.

Thanksgiving went okay. We didn't get any pictures because I forgot the dag'gon camera!!! I was so upset with myself for doing that! Some relatives got a couple photos, but they didn't turn out unfortunately. Not a single one. :(

We also were planning on staying with Brad's mother, but the accommodations would have either kept Camden up all night, us, or both. We ended up driving back home the long, 2-hour drive back to Indianapolis. It was completely worth it to sleep in our own bed anyways. Surprisingly, when we got home, I took Cam out of the car seat (luckily he was already in his PJ's) and he went straight to bed. And then he slept until 9:30am. Amazing kid, we have. Just amazing.

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