Friday, March 9, 2012

8 months

At the beginning of this month (or end of last?), Camden turned 8 months! He is so active and loves to crawl around. His favorite thing to do is race you, crawling on the floor. He giggles so much if you do! He also, unfortunately, is teething something horrible. He has been really fussy and cranky (almost non-stop crying screaming) the past week or so, but his second top tooth FINALLY broke the surface.

Here's to hoping he sleeps through tonight ...

Nursing is becoming less and less desirable with each new tooth that he gets. He bites more; thankfully no skin broken yet. I will miss these days when they are over, but I'm certainly not going to miss other aspects.

Someone please hand me a baseball bat while I take out my frustrations on my Medela.

Related note: I'm typing this while pumping since it's my only time these days to myself. 0:)

Cam is almost 19 pounds, as of a few days ago, and we haven't checked his length. He has a 9-month check up at the end of March so we will see what he is then. I have switched his infant car seat out for a convertible car seat. We will see how he does tomorrow as he's not tried it out yet.

Other big news to come soon!!! :D

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