Sunday, February 19, 2012

That's sew much fun

Here are some more burp cloths that I made. The one on the right has a terry cloth backing, which is GREAT for absorbancy. The one on the left was just a practice square so now it's a nice, soft place for my camera to sit on my desk. :) It actually fits it perfectly!

I am so motivated to sew, sew, sew although that requires time I don't always have (or want to have) since I want to spend as much time with Cam as I possibly can.

I didn't realize that ironing is a big part of sewing. I think once I find a good, quiet spot for the sewing machine, I might just set up the ironing board as well. I'm the type of person that doesn't like to start a project one night and finish it the next. Especially if it takes a week to get back to it.

I know that sewing is going to take a lot of patience (especially since I'm really starting to get into photography as well now), but I'm willing to work at it.

Side note: I saw lots of fun Superman, Dr. Seuss and other patterns at the fabric store so I'm DEFINITELY going back for more!!

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