Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sewing Fun!

For Christmas one of my major (big) gifts was a sewing machine from Santa. Thank you mom! I have always had an interest in sewing. In other words, I buy something like curtains and think to myself, "Man, those could really use another layer so less of the sun shines through." Or something to that effect.

After looking at my poor, bare machine sitting on a table for almost two months, I decided to go to a fabric store today and get started! I was quite overwhelmed by the mass quantities of fabric, string, "quarters" and books. There was terry cloth, fleece, etc. I only list two types of fabric because I have no idea what anything else is called. Cotton? No? Yes? Who knows ...

Well whatever the material, I sewed this (let's call it a) burp cloth. I really just wanted to practice sewing and make sure I could number one, do it, and number two, do it in a straight line. I ran through the bobbin right as I finally figured out how to properly thread the top string and not break it. Oh well. You sew and you learn.

I loved the fabric above because it's so vibrant and has fish on it! I thought it'd be perfect for Brad to take Camden to the Boat Show tomorrow with, since I'll be working at the hospital all day. Hopefully he'll get to see Grandpa Jones!!

I really have NO CLUE what to sew next. (Please comment and give me practical, easy ideas.) Please and thank you! :) I think I'll sew another burp cloth and practice using a different type of stitching. Sounds fun! Once I really get the hang of this, I'm going to put some more backing on our bedroom curtains (Cam's too) so that they block more light. I think they are pretty and all, but not-so-much functional.

PS - A HUMONGOUS thank you to my friends Rachel and Angie for inspiring me to sew and making me (and Cam) so many wonderful things! We should have a sewing party soon (aka teach-Kelly-to-sew party). ;)

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