Monday, March 19, 2012

First trip to the park

We have been extremely busy lately (you will find out why here in a few days) but have been making time to take Camden for walks with the nice weather. A week or so ago we wanted to see how he did at the playground and as luck would have it, there was nobody else there when we went so we had the place to ourselves!

We decided to take Cam in his new wagon that Grandma Laura (my mom) gave him for Christmas. He loved the wagon ride and we might even take him to the zoo with it, since it has a canopy for shade and the seats lay flat so we could lay him down to sleep in it.

Well he absolutely loved the park!

Daddy loved pushing him on the swings and as you can see, he loved it, too! I'd like to think I'm getting a little better at taking pictures since having my first photography workshop back in February.

This was Cam's first trip down the slide. He wasn't quite sure what to think but as long as he was on our laps getting ma-ma and da-da hugs, he didn't really care that much.

These two just melt my heart! Since the weather has been cooperative, we have been walking every day either before or after dinner and also have been spending more time outside (grilling!) This has also been a positive motivator for me to get exercising again and continue losing some of this baby weight.


  1. Love the pictures, they look great! Can't wait till my boys are big enough for the park and swings. And tell me how you like the wagon...I want one really bad! :) See you soon, hopefully.

  2. I love the wagon! You should definitely get one since you already have two! It's so cute too. You are welcome to borrow it when they get bigger to see if they like it. :)