Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Call me Bargain Betsy

Lately I've become more of a bargain-hunter. The longer it takes me to find a job, the more desperate I get; and closer to dumpster-diving mode. 0:)

I found a few consignment sales in my local area so I went. I shopped. I over-spent. Mostly I'm writing this post to help justify my purchases, although in hindsight I know I didn't need to buy all those toys. But then again the grandparents would be sorely disappointed if I dropped Cam off toy-less.

Here are a few of my amazing finds:

Two metal, heavy-duty baby gates for $25/each.

Several pairs of shoes, sandals, crocs (the baby crocs are SO CUTE) for only $2-4/pair.

An infant swing for a play set (purchased for a friend) that I'd bet money was unused for $5.

 A Combi umbrella stroller for $20. This was a little more pricey than I wanted, but I am sick and tired of my monstrous Chicco "regular" stroller that came with the car seat.

Several toys for only $1-2/each.

Several books at $1/each.

Lots of clothes ranging from $1-4/each piece.

.. drum roll please .. this is my best deal of the year ..

A mini play cube for only $16 (in mint condition I might add)!!

It's late and Camden hasn't been sleeping through the night consistently anymore so it's off to bed for me! I hope you enjoyed my bargain-hunting as much as I did! It's a lot more stressful in person and there were a few snags today with the staff at the second consignment sale, but it's over and I got what I wanted. And then more. And more.

Bargain disclosure: I have been selling some unwanted and extra furniture/items on craigslist lately so this is where the money came from to purchase these items. Trust me when I say that we don't have the money for me to be shopping like this year-round. :) Too bad we don't though .. it sure was fun!

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