Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Puree, baby!

Camden has been trying lots of new foods lately. Some he really enjoys eating and some he doesn't. Based on my latest experiment, I think he just doesn't enjoy textured/chunky foods yet. I gave him avocado one day and it was sort of chunky (my first attempt at pureeing it). The next day I added more water and made it into a truly soft puree and he gobbled it up!

I thought breastfeeding every 2-3 hours was hard, but now I have to feed him 2-4 jars of food in between there adding 3 extra feedings; and he doesn't miss a meal. It's so neat to see his initial reaction to the new foods. He really didn't like pumpkin and we tried it several ways. That's my boy for sure! I can't stand it either. So far he has had (and loved): oatmeal, banana, butternut squash, sweet potato (a favorite), and avocado. I also have some organic carrots and peas to try next. I hear peas are a popular favorite among babies. We shall see about that.

Also stay tuned for a post about teeth. We have two!!!

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