Thursday, January 5, 2012

Time Capsule - 1992

The other day my step-dad was cleaning out his basement and found a time capsule my second grade teacher had us make. I was so excited when he shipped it to me! Many things could be inside...

Yes, that is aluminum foil wrapped around a shoe box. :) Like the pic? I know, I was blonde. Now I'm not. I have no idea what happened there. Also note that it says, "Do not open until 2002" and I realize I'm about 10 years past due.

Inside was a picture of my second grade class and this letter from my teacher, including a fragment.

"Kelly, you have the potential to do great things. And I hope you do!"

Sorry Miss Conley, but no. That isn't. A sentence.

Also it had a list of prices for things (that I wish was still current today). Gas was $1.09 per gallon. ONE ZERO NINE!! Also, a three-bedroom home was about $100,000. I would take that any day now. Haha.

One of my favorite books as a child was The Indian Cupboard. I do remember that about second grade. What I didn't remember is where that book ran off to; now I know.

There were a few other smaller things, but it was great to go back in time when all I really cared about was homework, my (at the time) 10-month-old sister and friends. Now I have a little baby of my own. I think I might make one for him to open when he is 18 as well.

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