Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Recap

If you remember my post a little while back, you'd know that Brad grew a pumpkin for our sweet little Camden! He was excited last night to watch us carve pumpkins.

Brad got a HUGE pumpkin and along with that (and 4 total pumpkins) I got tons of seeds!! YUM! I am baking them later today.

Camden's pumpkin I freehanded a monster drawing from a carving kit (since his pumpkin was too small to put the actual one on there). It's our little monster! ;)

And as you can see below, I did Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas.

We did have a fourth pumpkin, but I decided to bake and puree it instead of carving. I only have one can of pumpkin puree left for baking so I really needed it!

I'll update the post later and put some pictures up of Cato in his costume and Camden in his "My First Halloween" onesie.

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