Sunday, October 23, 2011

First Holidays

Camden's first "big" holiday is coming up. Yeah, he was with us on the 4th of July but he was a mere 4 days old at that time. Labor Day came and went but it wasn't anything huge. Halloween is going to be awesome though. I am so excited that he will be old enough to at least interact with family during the upcoming holiday season. I can't wait to make wonderful memories with him this first year (wow that didn't sound cliche at all..).

Earlier in the summer my husband decided that this Halloween we would grow our own pumpkins. He got a great head start on the garden in which the huge leaves quickly overtook the area. We made the mistake of planting it in the absolute sunniest part of our yard so we got only one tiny pumpkin. I'm so proud of Brad for growing Cam's first pumpkin.

It was really supposed to be Brad's pumpkin but I'm donating it on his behalf to Camden. I'm sure he won't mind.

We did have two but the other was smashed somehow and shriveled up. Since Cam was the only one with a pumpkin, we decided (per tradition as well) that a visit to the local pumpkin patch was definitely in the works!

My mom bought Camden one giant pumpkin so we just needed one more since there are three of us. We ended up getting a medium-sized one and a pie pumpkin as well. I'm going to perfect that homemade pumpkin pie recipe I failed at so many years ago if it kills me.

First we visited the store where they had lots of delicious goodies. Camden and Brad thought this cup was funny looking so we had to get a picture with it of course.

Camden went on his first hay ride and loved it! He didn't fuss or squirm the whole time and on the way back from the pumpkin patch he actually fell asleep.

We found a great pumpkin and got some pictures. The caramel apples were calling our name so we got one to split at home later. It was heavenly.

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