Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Labor Story

(Repost from early July)

Now that it's been a week with the little one, I figured I might try to update a bit. It's such a different experience; something you don't quite expect. We planned this pregnancy and we were really excited about becoming parents, but we had no idea what we had signed up for until he was here. It's both the hardest and most rewarding thing we've ever done. I love every second of it (except maybe the sleep deprivation).

How it happened:

I spent the day last Wednesday, June 29th just running a bunch of errands. I went to visit my great grandma who isn't doing so well, went to a friends house to buy some of her sons clothes he doesn't wear anymore, etc. I finally got home around 4:00pm and laid down for a nap. I honestly don't know if I was asleep when it happened or it happened right as I was waking up. My water broke while I was laying in bed. Luckily it was such a different (read: gross) experience that I knew exactly what it was and ran to the bathroom.

I called my husband who was at the gym to come home and that my water broke. He rushed home and we headed to the hospital. One thing people never tell you is that when your water breaks, it doesn't stop. Joy.

 Anyways we made it to the hospital and they admitted me right away since it was obvious that my water was broken; aka it looked like I'd peed my pants. So then I got an IV and pitocin to help jump start contractions since it was a few hours and I felt nothing. Then finally at 10:45pm I felt some hard contractions and I asked for the epidural at 11:00pm.

I slept a little after getting the epidural. If anyone wants to know what it feels like, it feels exactly like you just went to the dentist. When you get a filling and they numb your mouth and you feel like you have chipmunk cheeks, that's it. My entire lower half felt just like that! I could feel my legs but I didn't feel pain... thankfully.

So it finally came time to push the next morning around 9:35am. I pushed for 2.5 hours and Camden Ryan finally came. He had no meconium so they were able to put him right on my chest. I had no idea I could ever feel the way I did when I saw his face, but it's something I just can't describe. I loved it. I forgot about every pregnancy woe, painful day, complaints of sore feet. I was focused on this little amazing human that just was in my belly seconds before.

Yeah, we both balled like babies. He was ours. Something we made together. Someone we will love and cherish for the rest of our days. We were now fully responsible for this tiny 8 pound, 7 ounce baby. We were in such shock and awe that we forgot to have Brad cut the cord so they just went ahead and did it.

After a few minutes with mom, he was whisked away for measurements, cleaning and to get ankle bracelets. The whole time I was continuing to lay in the bed, I couldn't take my eyes away. I had no focus other than on him. I didn't care about the doctor stitching me up or waiting for my placenta to come out. (Nobody said childbirth was pretty.) I didn't care that the epidural was wearing off quickly. I just wanted my baby to be healthy and okay.

The two nurses I had for the last shift of my labor were amazing. They were in our room the entire 2.5 hours I was pushing. They consistently gave me feedback and encouragement so that the time really flew by. It only seemed like 30 minutes to me, really.

I thank God for the beautiful and healthy baby boy we were blessed with.

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