Friday, August 26, 2011

Welcome friends & family!

Welcome friends and family! We have started this blog as a way to share with everyone our journey into becoming new parents and keep everyone up-to-date with our lives. We hope you enjoy the many posts, pictures, videos and everything in between that we will be sharing with you.

This blog will contain everything family, fun, journeys, trips, sports, and everything else. One day it might be all about the baby (okay, so mostly it will be this) and another it might be some nature pictures (practicing with the new camera). We do promise to make it a habit to keep everyone informed about the happenings in our lives and most certainly all things baby!

Please do keep in mind that we are still new parents with very little time on our hands. When we do post, we promise to make it well worth the wait. =) So sit back and enjoy!

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