Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Breathable Bumper, FTW

Everyone (doctor's, pediatrician's, friends with kids, etc) recommend that there be no bumpers, toys, loose blankets or anything of the sort inside of an infant's crib before they are old enough. These items are a choking/death hazard and while the advice shouldn't be taken lightly, I still think it's not entirely realistic.

Yeah, I'm one of those moms who "follows the rules" and does what I'm told to do (to the T, usually). So of course I call my pediatrician for just about everything. Infant poop is our number one topic usually. :) SO anyways...

Camden likes to wiggle around in his crib which we had nothing in but a fitted mattress sheet. Once he became "mobile" he ended up wiggling towards the edge of the crib and getting his arms "stuck" (he thought they were stuck). The nurse recommended I get a breathable bumper for the crib, which I had heard of before.

So that is how I typically find my son in the middle of the night and each morning. Either that or completely perpendicular to where I put him. I'd like to video tape it one night to see just how he manages to get so far away from his original spot, especially considering he can't roll yet.

Well this breathable bumper is amazing. He can still breathe with his face pressed right up against it. It does unfortunately wake him up sooner, but hey I still get plenty of sleep. I used to think 4-6 hours was great but now I get 8-9 hours! This kid just keeps on being more and more amazing!

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