Saturday, July 20, 2013

Camden's 2nd Birthday

Camden celebrated his second birthday a few weeks ago with so many friends and family! We were so happy to see everyone that made it but missed those who couldn't. The theme was a super hero party. We had super suckers (blow pops and tootsie pops), mask-making, a pool, ladderball, food, and good friends.

Of course the morning of his birthday weekend we gave him our presents because we were gone all day Saturday at a wedding. He couldn't wait to ride his bike! (aka "Bicyc")

The floor pillow I made him. Tutorial here.

Brad got Cam a pair of binoculars. (aka "knockers" LOL)

Three gen's of Marcov's. My dad, brother and nephew. <3

Hey, it's his party and he can pick his nose if he wants, right?!
This year he was SO into The Incredibles and super heroes which is why we chose this theme. I wonder if next year he will request anything and what fun stuff he will be getting into. :) Not too soon, though.

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