Friday, January 4, 2013

Kitchen upgrade!

As our Christmas gift this year, we received new Corian countertops in our kitchen. With it, we purchased a new faucet, under mount sink, and garbage disposal. Here are some of the before and after pictures.
The main thing I've learned with solid surface countertops is that you really have to dry them when cleaning. Otherwise, they leave an awful-looking spotty film on the surface.
We painted the walls green as well. For the last picture, there are three electrical boxes that we found behind the tile on the wall. (A BIG NO NO.) We aren't sure what the far left one is (maybe an internet or phone), but the middle one is an electrical outlet we plan on rewiring back over there. The far right box was the old light switches that they rewired to the upper white cabinet so that will stay a panel as well. It looks SO MUCH BETTER than the ugly, flowery, white tile. :)
They look amazing and really give our kitchen that well polished look!

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