Monday, December 3, 2012

DIY: Felt Christmas Tree (for kids)

I found a great idea for a felt Christmas tree, to hopefully distract the curious toddler from the real tree. It was very easy, quick to put together, and Cam loves playing with it.
Side note: there's a 95% chance our Christmas tree will still be bare on the bottom 3rd anyways because of Mr. I-must-touch-everything in our house. ;)
The tree was the easy part, but it was a little time-consuming cutting all of the ornaments. I did make a few with pops of color using scrap pieces of a different color so you could do as much or as little as you have time for. I used a star and circle outline from one of Cam's many toy blocks/shapes. I just sorta free-handed the tree on a large piece of green felt.
Figuring out how to put the tree on the wall was the interesting part.
Felt doesn't stick to double-sided tape, trust me on this.
I decided to use hot glue and glue the felt to a thin piece of poster board (like the cheap $.97 kind from CVS). This was a great idea because it actually made the tree a LOT more sturdy anyways.
I thought about hanging it on the wall with command strips, however, we had a tradgedy from Camden's birthday party and still have yet to patch the wall. (Lazy, I know.)
I thought maybe some putty would do the trick without taking a piece of drywall with it, and voila!!! Worked like a charm! We shall see how long it actually stays up, but I'm thinking it'll be up for a while longer.
This is an inexpensive, fun way to let your toddler be involved in decorating and get in the holiday spirit!

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