Thursday, September 20, 2012

The State Fair recap (a month late)

We went to the state fair this year (back in August) and it was SO much more fun than last year because the heat index wasn't 5000. Camden was walking this year, which made it even more fun because he got to participate in more stuff. Brad said maybe a pony ride next year. I'm holding him to that!
We first went to the DNR building and saw lots of fish!

Camden is going to love fishing, I just know it. I'm sure Brad has already purchased (in his head anyways) a little fishing rod for him.

We brought snacks, but there were enough halfway-decent options for him to eat lunch. We ended up with the all-beef hot dog (or bract, can't remember) for Cam as well as some fruit we brought ourselves.
That's one of the great things about the Indiana State Fair; you can bring your own food or drinks. For the little one, this is very handy although I'd prefer to endulge in some of the fair food myself. 0:)

Next, we headed over to the kids area where Camden got to walk along a pathway and pick up (fake, plastic) food and things to put in a bucket. He got to pick up eggs.

He also got a free soybean hat (which Brad likes quite a bit).

And he got to wear that SUPER-CUTE apron!! Now I'm determined to make him one for helping me bake later on.

He got to ride a tractor, which he really enjoyed!!

We also got a coupon for a free milkshake from the dairy bar. It was actually big enough for all of us to share as a pre-lunch snack/dessert. It was a REALLY amazing milkshake. As you can see, Camden agrees.

He loved the fair and we had so much fun this year~!

The above picture is our first trip to the state fair as a family. The bottom picture is from this year. I'm hoping we can keep the tradition each year and get our picture taken every year in front of this same area. It would be really cute to see how we all grow. (Obviously Brad hasn't purchased any new sunglasses since then. Or in like 10 years. Ugh.)
One other note is that the first year I really was so grateful for the IMMB's Lactation Station's around the fairgrounds to be able to have a quiet, cooler place to sit down and nurse Cam. They had one this year and informed me that they will no longer be doing it because of the high cost to do it. I really wish they didn't feel that it wasn't a beneficial outreach because it is SO needed!
On that note, I probably won't be needing a lactation station any time soon because I'm taking a couple of classes for nursing school prerequisites, working 45+ hours/week and taking care of the home/hubby/toddler. I have a lot on my plate and I appreciate the patience. I also miss my mommy-group friends DEARLY! I can't wait until I get a small break in classes; you know, in like 2 years. More on all of this later. :)

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