Friday, November 18, 2011


The past few weeks with Camden's weight have been a roller coaster ride.

First, we took him to the pediatrician because he wasn't gaining any weight (for like a month) and we found out he'd actually LOST 2 whole ounces! That is not very good at this young age so he asked me about starting "solids" and I told him if there was anything else I could try, let's do that first. I've been trying to wait on solids due to the AAP recommendations (along with every other organization) and the fact that the earlier you start, the more likely food allergies are to arise.

So we started giving him a fortified bottle of breastmilk every day. I had to have him explain what that was. Basically he's losing weight because he's burning more calories in a day than he takes in. Therefore, we have to give him an extra bottle with a scoop of formula in it. That way, he gets 3x more calories than with regular BM (breastmilk).

We did that for two days and he gained several ounces and is back on track where he should be. Now, I don't want to do this more than I have to so we decided to just go ahead with starting solids. Plus, he's waking earlier to eat and eating more often so the LC (lactation consultant) said he was ready.

Boy, was he ever.

It only took him once or twice to get the hang of it. He ended up grabbing the spoon a couple of times and feeding himself; or at least attempting to. He also swallowed a bunch of it, which is abnormal. I was told it would mostly end up on the bib and their face, but he actually ate quite a bit despite what the above picture may show.

It was a huge success and he loved the cereal!!! I think we'll try this every other day for a few weeks and then introduce oatmeal for a few weeks and finally end up with veggies/fruit by the end of the year.

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