Saturday, September 3, 2011


A "push gift" is the newest trend with giving birth. I'd never heard of one until overhearing another couple at our childbirth class talk about it. At any rate, my husband decided to get me one anyways (because, well, he's just amazing).

I've always wanted a dSlr camera. Not because they are expensive .. they are. Not because everyone else has one or any other reason. I wanted a reliable camera that takes professional-looking photos. I want the memories we share with each other to last. When I look at old photographs when I was a baby, we've come a long way with technology. I just want Camden and future generations to really be able to see what life was like back then.

Brad decided to get me a dSlr camera for my push gift. I was so ecstatic to find out!! I think he might have gotten more motivation when we booked our newborn photos with a professional photographer. He didn't want to pay $150-200 per session every couple of months. =) We will surely get our yearly photos at a professional place (Sears, Olan Mills, etc), but in the mean time, this camera takes some amazing photos!

Here is the same photo. The first one is from our old point-and-shoot camera. The second one is from our new dSlr camera. You tell me the difference (click to enlarge).

Would it be worth it to you? I surely think it is. His skin is much more clear and soft. His eyes look normal and don't have red-eye as much. The colors are more true and bright. Also, it's way less grainy.

Since having this camera, even on the auto settings I can take amazing pictures (not only of Cam). I have been taking beautiful pictures of my once-pretty sunflowers and just different fun things around the city. If you have the money and especially with kids, a dSlr is the best investment to keep those memories alive. Trust me.

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