Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Family Christmas

 Per the usual we had to get a real Christmas Tree (Frasier Fir) and we found a bargain at Home Depot at less than $50 for a 10-foot tree! Camden was so excited to water and decorate it!

 Per our tradition, we also had Brad and Cam put the star on the tree. We had to borrow a large-tree stand that would be sturdy enough to hold a 10' tree.

 As you can see the tree was gorgeous and that includes the random hanger Camden thought would fit well on the tree. Confession: I was too sentimental about the silly hanger and left it through Christmas. ;)


We ended up seeing Santa at his school on their holiday party night. They got to make cookies and see Santa.

 This year he was a little more hesitant to sit on Santa's lap. He did, but after I talked with him a little. Last year it was all I could do to hold him back from being in everyone else's picture. Hah.

We also had a mommy's play date Holiday Party getting all of the kids together. We really miss our Friday play dates and I can't wait until school is done in another 5 months.

 Christmas morning was a BLAST! He loved ripping off the wrapping paper. He had to get every last piece off and tore it off every square inch at a time. It was slow and he is at the age where he wants to open every single toy as he sees it.

Funny how many high-tech and expensive toys he received, but his favorites were a puffy jacket and a $3 cell phone from the dollar section at Target.

Of course Papaw Jones got him a Big Wheel. I mean where do we store all of this?

A family member made a fantastic idea for future presents. Because he gets so many different toys from all four sets of grandparents he has and then even more from us, it was suggested to start a college fund and allow people to donate. Starting on his 3rd birthday and all following holidays, we will be starting a college fund and allowing family to donate and asking for monetary donations with minimal toys. This way we are being responsible and frugal. We can also keep Camden modest in gifts and what he receives.


But really, how easy is it to say no to that adorable, perfect little face?!

Not easy. At all.


  1. Aww! Some GREAT pictures in here! :) What lens do you use? I'm getting myself a new one for my birthday next month. :) And love the college fund want to start that for the boys, too, but we don't have quite as many people getting them gifts. Maybe next birthday I can suggest it though! And we can't wait to have you back at playdate! Won't be too many years left with the kids heading off to preschool soon!

    1. Ehh sorry I replied but on a different comment.. I'm so technologically savvy. HAH..

  2. Sorry my email has been hacked so I can't get into it and just saw this comment. :) I use a Nikkor 35 mm 1.8G and LOVE it!! The 50mm you had to get too far away to get a wider shot so I went with the 35mm. I just went to Robert's and played around with a few in their store and practiced to see which I preferred.