Saturday, February 4, 2012

7 months & food update

My sweet baby Camden turned 7 months a few days ago. We ended up at the pediatrician's office for his second flu shot on that day so we weighed and measured him while we were there, for the baby book of course. He was 17 pounds 4 ounces and 27 1/4" long!

We celebrated (as you can see above) by starting to give him pieces of food so that he can perfect his pincher grasp and also to start eating more "solid" foods. The avocado wasn't the least messy choice although I think it's the softest one and since he absolutely loves avocado I figured it would be easier to motivate him.

He did really well in eating the food. I think he aspirates on the puree stuff now because he tries to swallow it too quickly and also tries to chew. He does chew his food now, which is amazing to me since I thought it'd be a long time before that happened. He is so good at moving things around with his tongue! He probably wonders why I stare so closely at him when he eats. :)

I think once he starts getting used to the avocado, I might try a fruit like pears or peaches that he could try eating little bites of. I'm totally excited to start giving him thicker foods!!

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