Sunday, October 9, 2011


I went to the Fishers BFing (breastfeeding) support group yesterdat to get a weight on Cam. He was such a good baby, only spitting up a tiny bit one time!! So proud! I haven't been to this group in a while so it was nice to see everyone again.

He weighed in at 13lbs 5.6oz. He was 13lbs 5 oz a week ago and 13lbs 4.5oz on Monday.

I know that's not a huge jump from last time (and actually less than from Tuesday at the doc's office), but the lactation consultant told me not to worry since he just went through a growth spurt and BF babies usually plateau instead of continuously gaining. That's good to hear because I was getting very frustrated with our pediatrician. I love him and he is so great with our son, but I just wanted to figure out what was wrong.

You see, the last time Cam lost weight at group I was told the same thing: it's a difference in scales and he might be plateauing. Actually it ended up I was put on the wrong medication per the OB/GYN "by mistake" and he actually was losing weight because my milk supply was dwindling.

Also, I don't really trust the scales all that much anyways. I went to re-weigh Cam after the feeding to see what he took in and he was 11lbs. Then we re-weighed and he was 9lbs. I think their scales are so inaccurate (they are electronic), but who knows. I was told to compare the same scale measurements to each other week to week.

So now I naturally freak out if he's not gaining any weight. And now I'm definitely going to be comparing Fridays weights and Mondays weights separately. If I looked at it like that, he has actually gained well. :) I'm happy. He seems to be happy. Win. Win.

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