Sunday, September 18, 2011

Daddy's first solo

Yesterday I went back to work officially. Because when I say "work" I mean PRN (aka two days a month), I'm still desperately looking for a full-time job. I'd prefer to find one that I can settle into for a long time using my exercise science degree, but for now I'll take just about anything.

Since I work the weekends and my hubby is off, he took Camden solo yesterday. From 7am-4pm he was all by himself with our baby for the first time (for that long of a time period anyways). He sent me lots of texts and pictures although I'm sure he didn't want to. I sort of kept texting throughout the day. I missed my baby!

Sometimes he takes the silliest pictures but I'm incredibly surprised to say that he took the absolute best picture of Cam that I've ever seen! Isn't it beautiful!??!?!? He looks so grown up! And the dimples (that Brad gave him)... oh my. This boy is going to be irresistable, although we've already had the talk that mommy will always be the #1 lady in his life. ;)

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